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In what turned out to be a quite hilarious and inspired move, our CEO came up with the idea of asking deeply important questions during our weekly online chats so that the team could come to a better understanding of each other.

Here’s just a few of the insightful answers we gave to these pressing conundrums.

Favourite organisation

The Gaffer: http://www.yorkbirdofprey.co.uk  – you go there and think OMG it’s just a pile of sheds but their customer service and organisation is incredible and a lot of people could learn from how they do things. They let their birds behave in a natural way; really engaging with their customers and freely giving of their knowledge.

The Wordsmith: http://www.specialeffect.org.uk – because they open up access to the benefits of gaming and social interactions to those who are disabled or disadvantaged through a variety of reasons.

The Social Media Queen: https://www.amazon.co.uk  – easy to navigate and I tend to live on there! 

Pixel Polisher: http://www.bbc.com  – because of everything it’s done over the years and the fact the present Govt is attacking it shows it’s doing its job. Licence fee is a bargain.

The Obligatory Geek: http://www.google.co.uk  – because they’ve basically become the name when it comes to the internet. Everything you do on the net involves Google.

Favourite and least favourite thing about working from home

The Gaffer: Favourite thing is I don’t have to commute and the flexibility of being able to do what I need to do; least favourite thing is that I can get pulled away to just “nip to the shops” 

The Wordsmith: No commute to work and being able to be flexible; least favourite thing is not being able to switch off.

The Social Media Queen: Favourite thing is no commute & flexible; least favourite is the serious lack of vending and coffee machines in my home.

Pixel Polisher: Favorite thing no commute and also the ability to just concentrate and not be disturbed; least favourite lack of human contact, the element of “coming home”.

The Obligatory Geek: No commute and I can get up late and still not be late for work; least favourite thing is it’s too easy to get distracted.

Favourite destination and dream destination

The Gaffer: Jerez de la frontera in  Southern Spain it’s a lovely town and also it’s the sherry capital of the world, dream destination Patagonia to climb at Aguja Poincenot. 

The Wordsmith: My favourite place outside of Yorkshire is Mallaig on the West Coast of Scotland, dream holiday would be Machu Picchu.

The Social Media Queen: Favourite place would be New York, a lot going on and almost too much to see, dream destination would be a stay in the Aurora Bubbles in Finland – I’m a sky fanatic!

Pixel Polisher: My dream one would be San Francisco/California – but Cornwall for where I’ve been, any of the surfing beaches.

The Obligatory Geek: My favourite destination is London, dream destination would be Croatia.

Favourite computer game

The Gaffer: Team Fortress 2 or Ark or Minecraft (hmmmm, the choices)

The Wordsmith: Baldur’s Gate – PC

The Social Media Queen: Mrs PacMan (80’s era…)

Pixel Polisher: Galaxians – free standing platform game

The Obligatory Geek: Final Fantasy VII – PS1

Favourite garden implement

The Gaffer: secateurs

The Wordsmith: garden hoe

The Social Media Queen: spade

Pixel Polisher: grubbing mattock

The Obligatory Geek: deck chair

Favourite piece of office equipment

The Gaffer: A stapler

The Wordsmith: A hole punch 

The Social Media Queen: A vertical mouse

Pixel Polisher: A scalpel

The Obligatory Geek: Extra monitor

First crush

The Gaffer: Patsy Kensit

The Wordsmith: Errol Flynn

The Social Media Queen: Bruce Springsteen

Pixel Polisher: Teri Garr

The Obligatory Geek: Cat Deeley

As you can see, we took things very seriously!

Ingenuity, Skill, Guile: Our Watchwords.

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